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How Secure is UploadBooth?

A common question keeps popping up, “How secure is UploadBooth when it comes to my files?”

Well, it is actually quite secure and I will elaborate why. A lot of planning and emphasis was put into data resiliency and protection for our upload service. UploadBooth was built on a solid set of core storage technologies; ZFS and CouchDB. You can happily know that your data rests on one of the most secure filesystems in the world.

The ZFS filesystem is the core backbone of UploadBooth, the filesystem contains block level checksum protection to prevent any silent data corruption. I know that the last sentence might sound a bit “chinese” to the laymen person; what it really means is that your digital data is guaranteed to be perfect on retrieval, exactly the way you uploaded it in the first place. Silent data corruption does happen, and it can be painful. However, with our solid storage foundation we can make a promise, what you upload is exactly what you get back, bit for bit.

So, is UploadBooth a good place to store you digital files? Absolutely YES!

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